Gdynia Aquarium


The Gdynia Aquarium, which is part of the National Marine Fisheries Research Institute, is a zoological garden that is home to over 1,600 aquatic animals belonging to more than two hundred species from every corner of the world.
Its main attractions include a breathtaking coral reef, and a wide range of aquatic animals from the moray eels, demersal sharks, red piranhas, and freshwater stingrays to the dwarf crocodile –the world’s smallest crocodile, and the green anaconda – the world's heaviest snake.

The NMFRI Gdynia Aquarium takes an active role in informal education, the goal of which is to disseminate knowledge about marine biology, ecology, and environmental protection. The Centre of Education was established in Gdynia Aquarium in 1998 to spread knowledge about the sea. From that time to the present school groups from across the Poland, took part in numerous educational projects.
The Center works with children, youth, students and other age groups. Lessons are modified according to the age of the participants and therefore are diverse. The classes are prepared in forms of: multimedia presentations, demonstration classes, workshops and laboratories, hydrographic cruises , education through play and film screenings.
Each year the Gdynia Aquarium benefits over 39 000 participants of educational programmes. 



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