Future Frogmen

Future Frogmen fosters ocean ambassadors and future leaders through learning, communicating and acting.

By growing a community of like-minded stewards of the ocean, we are improving the public’s awareness and appreciation of all earth's waters, particularly the ocean, and closing gaps between human understanding and destructive behavior. 

We aspire to foster ambassadors to protect the ocean by accomplishing five objectives:

1.) Learning - Through interdisciplinary learning, we interact with activists, artists, business people, photographers, public health officials, political representatives, scientists, social justice figures, and others. 

2.) Communicating - Through personal storytelling (writing, speaking, podcasting, and video), we make ocean information entertaining, understandable and relatable.

3.) Acting - Through enriched field-based actions, such as coastal cleanups, in partnership with NOAA's Marine Debris Program, we share best practices and information about how to reduce ocean plastic, which includes alternative behaviors and advocacy at the state and local levels.

We think globally. Earth is said to have five oceans, the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific and the Southern (or Antarctic) Ocean, we view them as one integrated body of water covering more than 70% of the planet’s, and representing 97% of the water on Earth.

Particularly relevant to us is that the ocean is responsible for influencing our climate and weather patterns, and maintaining the carbon and weather cycle that is vital to life on Earth.

4.) Leading - Volunteers, including students take on impactful roles that help further our cause as well as their individual leadership skills. Examples include various aspects of running a nonprofit organization, contributing written content to our blog, helping to facilitate our online “Conversation Series” (videoconferencing and podcasting), public speaking opportunities, organizing community outreach events and explorations, and fundraising.

5.) Exploring - We aspire to support students getting out of the lab and into the field, in ways such as financial scholarships or fellowships. Examples span from small-scale day trips, to larger scale shipboard research expeditions.

Future Frogmen, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and public charity.



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