Celebrate on Dalajia Island!

June 08 2019 @ 7:30 AM - 8:00 PM

Join SZ Green Drinks & FEC & Yoga Sadhana’s World Ocean Celebration event on the 8th of June.
在6月8日,加入由我们深圳Green Drinks , FEC & Yoga Sadhana 行瑜伽联合举办的世界海洋日特别活动吧!

World Oceans Day is a global event of celebration and collaboration for a better future for all ocean life. We will be travelling to Dalajia Island on a mission: Clean up the beach, leave no trace and have a good time by the sea. Please join us!
世界海洋日是一个旨在唤起人们对海洋生态的欣赏,尊重及保护而发起的全球性官方纪念日。在这一天,我们将会带着一个使命,来到美丽的大辣角: 不遗余力地清洁海洋,不留痕迹地享受时光。

S1: Preparation before hand.S1:事前准备
Every participant should sign up for this event in advance, and gather at least 3 used rice bags and bring them along. Also, in order to stop waste at the source, we ask everyone to fill up their reusable water bottles, pack your lunch and snacks in reusable containers, and bring reusable utensils/napkins. Let’s honor oceanlife with ZEROWASTE!

S2: Execution on site.S2:活动当天
We will travel to Yangmeikeng, then take a speed boat to Dalajia Island. Once we arrive, we will have lunch before cleaning up the beach and hiking around.

S3: Spread the word.S3:宣传我们的活动
Post the recordings, use our wechat moments, sina blogs, Instagram, fb, twitter and so on. Make as many people aware the issue of ocean litter as possible! Only in this way can our good wills and mission reach more people to evoke actions that really help protect the oceans.

To Sign Up如何报名?
You will need to be available on the 8th of June; we will leave Shenzhen City Center at 8am and return by 7pm.你需在6月8日当天有空。我们将于当天早上8点离开深圳市区,晚上7点返回。

You will need to prepare 3 used rice bags.你需要准备好3个使用过的米袋。

Total trip cost: 120 RMB(Give or take)预计行程所需花费: 每人120人民币

Please scan the QR code below and register, where you will get more information.请扫描下方二维码报名,你将获得更多本次活动的资讯。


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