Recreation: The Aftermath of COVID19

June 08 2020 @ 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

HIRED Consult is a youth-led social enterprise with expertise in management and consultancy. We focus on most critical needs, problems and create opportunities through strategy, operations, transformation, and digital delivery across board.

In response to the global pandemic, Coronavirus, Health experts have emphasized the importance of staying home, the necessity of physical distancing and have explained the dangers of crowding into any public spaces, especially areas for recreational purposes including the beaches.

This online event is to draw people’s attention to the dangers they pose to themselves and others if they keep visiting the beaches as a means to break free from the boredom and isolation. More focus has been put on social distancing at Shopping malls, groceries etc. but not MUCH beaches. Hence the social advocacy of this event to raise more awareness of staying at home and also human behaviour after the COVID19 pandemic.


  • Beach hygiene
  • Personal health and safety precautions
  • Protection of marine life; no dumping of plastics and cans of drinks



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Rising Waters Broward County, Museum of Discovery & Science

Sea Level Rise Workshop 2: Share Results- presented by Climate Creatives and Future Frogmen June 12 2020 @ 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


Rising Waters is a global art project that helps people understand the impacts of flooding from sea level rise and storms due to climate change. In Workshop 2, Share Results,  we will share out the renderings of installations planned in Workshop 1: Learn How, where participants learned how to make a Rising Waters installation or selfie and created a digital sketch. Attend either or both workshops to learn more about sea level rise calculations and art advocacy.

Workshop 1: June 9, Workshop 2: June 12 2020. Come to one or both at noon EDT.

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