15 on 14 : Life Below Water is the Foundation of Life on Land


27 June


12:30 pm



15 on 14: Life Below Water is the Foundation for Life on Land

Do we know the importance of the Ocean? Do we know how dependent we are on the Ocean? Do we
know that disturbing the Ocean forgetting its importance may not be a good idea?

As The Sea Squad Mount Lavinia (TSSML) we see the importance of telling people why the Ocean
matters so much. One of our main activities is to share with people the science of the Ocean, its
wonders, its services and the problems it faces; and the mechanisms that are in place to reduce the
anthropogenic impacts on the Ocean. This, we do with the sincere hope and belief that people will
become more considerate towards the Ocean, our life giver.

Many experts on the subject have joined us in this effort. This month, Mrs. Imali Manikarachchi,
Lecturer at the Ocean University of Sri Lanka will join our online awareness programme to talk about
how life below water can be considered the foundation for life on land.

We also believe that our efforts, even in a small way, will help to take forward the United Nations
Sustainable Development Goals.

Join us on Sunday, 27th of June 2021 from 6.00pm to 7.00pm IST (12.30pm to 1.30pm GMT).

Click here to join the programme

Meeting ID: 867 6572 2010

Passcode: 668767


Find us on Instagram @seasquad_ml

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