44th Aniversary Cocos Island National Park


22 June


1:30 pm


Museo del Jade SJO, CR

On June 22nd we celebrate the 44th anniversary of the creation of Cocos Island National Park (PNIC), a unique site of great importance for the conservation of endemic species and of tourist and academic interest. The PNIC was created in 1978 with the purpose of protecting the great affluence and diversity of marine fauna that exists around Cocos Island, as well as maintaining the ecosystem services that the healthy oceans provide to humanity, such as the sustainability of fishery resources, climate control and recreation, among others.

This new anniversary is a very special celebration, after last December was signed the expansion of the National Park in almost 26 times its original size, thus protecting a representative part of the Cocos Submarine Mountain Range and its seamounts. Therefore, from the Cocos Marine Conservation Area and Amigos Isla del Coco we would like to invite you to the “Keynote Lecture: Why is the expansion of the protection of the Cocos Island seamounts important?” by Dr. Jorge Cortes Nuñez, one of the main researchers of these marine ecosystems, as well as a promoter of the expansion of the Cocos Island Marine Protected Areas and a great friend of the Cocos Island National Park.

This activity will serve to recognize the historic work done by Dr. Cortes Núñez, to demonstrate to the world the importance of marine ecosystems in the fight against climate change. Within the framework of the month of the ocean, this year the United Nations has defined the theme “Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean”, a year framed in the UN Decade of Ocean Sciences, we believe in the imperative need to have your presence to continue building affirmative actions together and develop a global movement of support that allows us to unite in a project for the sustainable management of our oceans.

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