Actions to Revitalize Our World’s Oceans


23 June


1:00 pm


Webinar (register below)

 We will share the importance of education, science, research, sustainable travel, innovative technology, arts and design for thriving coastal communities to support the revitalization of our oceans with a focus on the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We continue to seek action solutions while highlighting new methods of monitoring areas of vital concern such as oxygen levels, the rising coastal sea levels, the impact on coral reefs and the changing Arctic due to the shifts in the ocean’s temperature. This includes the growing crisis due to plastic pollution, which continues to threaten life below the sea, including our sources of food and industries that depend on the ocean as a source of economic sustainability. This session will include our ongoing efforts to support the UN Secretary-General’s “Our Common Agenda” and the UN 17 SDGs for the success of the UN2030 Sustainable Development Agenda to “Leave No One Behind.” 

Welcome & Moderator 

Margo LaZaro, President & Chair of the NGOCSD-NY, Director of UN Relations for Global Family, Partner of the Coalition for the UN We Need 

Opening Reflections 

H.E. Ms. Ilana Seid, Ambassador & Permanent Representative of the Permanent Mission of Palau to the UN 

Keynote Reflections 

Satya S. Tripathi is Secretary-General of the Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet 

Sergio Fernandez de Cordova is the Chairman of PVBLIC Foundation 

Erik Giercksky, Head of UN Global Compact Ocean Stewardship Coalition 

Hon. Hector John, Member of Parliament Salisbury, Commonwealth of Dominica 

Gaelin Rosenwaks, Founder of Global Ocean Exploration, Inc 

Fabien Cousteau, Founder and President of the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center 

Jeremy McKane, CEO of, an Artist, Explorer and Entrepreneur. 

Dr. Sian Proctor, an Astronaut, Geoscientist, Explorer, and Space Artist 

Actions to Revitalize Our World’s Oceans 

Jolyon Collier, Founder & President of Counting Coral; a Philanthropist, Explorer, Artist, and Mentor 

Alona Stepanova, CEO of PurOceans 

Alastair Callender, Founder of Callender Designs, Award Winning Sustainable Yacht Designer, Yacht Charter Vacation Specialist & Philanthropist 

Christopher Spezzano, Founder & President of Transcend Carbon, Founder & President of Form & Matter Foundation 

Michele Chubalashvili, Owner and CEO of Vitas Travel Service 

Camilla Webster, President of Camilla Webster Art 

Cindy Boyko, Haida Nation Virtue Reality, Managing Partner, Board of Directors of the Archipelago Management Board of Haida Gwaii 

Michael Brooks, Founder and BioHacker of SweetWater, Founder of Fertile Future Inc. 

Anke de Boer, Special Assistant to the Secretary-General at the Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet 

Kumu Ramsay Taum, Virtue Reality, Managing Partner, Board of Directors & Ho’opono Practitioner, a Hawaiian Community Lei-maker, Transformational Thinker, Thought Leader, Community Bridge Builder 

C4UNWN – UN Secretary General’s “Our Common Agenda” & the Summit of the Future 

Jeffery Huffines, Senior Adviser of the Coalition for the UN We Need and Together First 

Interactive Dialogue Exchange 

Greeting & Closing: Jeremy McKane’s “My Best Friends” whale footage filmed off the coast of Tonga 

Our Partners: NGO Committee on Sustainable Development-NY, PVBLIC Foundation, Coalition for the UN We Need, Baha’i International Community, SDG Relief Fund, The Stimson Center, Together First, Urban Cluster, Global Family, Form & Matter Foundation, Transcend Carbon, Soroptimist International, Humanitarian Focus Foundation, Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission, Consortium for Sustainable Urbanization, Empower-a-Billion-Women(-EBW, Debate for Peace, Huairou Commission, General Assembly of Partners, Global Family for Love & Peace, ICW, GNEC, CoNGO, and UNA-USA Council of Organizations. 


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