Cleaning Up the Blue River Watershed for World Oceans Day


3 June


9:00 am


Spring Valley Park

East 28th Street and Spring Valley Drive, Kansas City, MO 64109

Celebrate World Oceans Day on June 2 by helping to clean up the Blue River in Kansas City

MDC, SEA LIFE Kansas City, and Stream Teams partnering on river trash cleanup

Kansas City, Mo. – Where does a floatable plastic beverage bottle tossed away as litter eventually wind up? Like so many things that are improperly disposed trash – in the ocean. Litter washed by rains into waterways harms stream health, and all streams lead to the oceans. So, to celebrate World Oceans Day, volunteers are invited to help remove trash from the Blue River from 9 to 11 a.m. on Saturday, June 3, in Kansas City. This cleanup is sponsored by SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium, Missouri Stream Team, and Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC).

Volunteers will meet at Spring Valley Park to remove trash from the stream bed and banks. Trash bags and gloves will be provided. Volunteers should dress accordingly for outdoor work, wear shoes or boots they don’t mind getting muddy, bring sunscreen and bug repellant, and bring drinking water. The event will kick off with a short safety talk at 9 a.m. at the check-in booth.

Oceans cover more than 70 percent of the planet. They are a life source supporting humanity and the natural world throughout the Earth. Oceans produce at least 50 percent of the planet’s oxygen. The salty waters host incredible biodiversity. Oceans are a main source of protein for people and an economic driver, with an estimated 40 million people to be employed by ocean-based industries by 2030.

But oceans, which are fed by rivers, now need support. That support can start near home by taking care of local streams, including by removing trash such as plastics. Plastics are the largest and most harmful form of marine litter.

The Blue River flows through the heart of Kansas City and needs a cleanup to keep local trash from winding up in the Gulf of Mexico. Missouri Stream Team and SEA LIFE Kansas City are partnering with MDC to provide a volunteer opportunity that celebrates oceans and healthy streams.

Missouri Stream Team is a partnership between MDC, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and the Conservation Federation of Missouri. Stream Teams are volunteer-driven programs locally organized by people who care about healthy streams. For more information on being a Stream Team volunteer, visit Home (

SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium at Crown Center provides an aquarium experience to view sharks, seahorses, jellyfish, stingrays, and many more ocean creatures. The aquarium is also a place where visitors can learn more about the importance of oceans and conservation efforts in the seas. For more information, visit SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium | Aquarium at the Crown Center (

For more information about the June 3 Blue River cleanup, contact Cara Arrigo, MDC stream team biologist, at 314-301-1506, or [email protected].

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