Micro Plastics a Macro Issue : The Unseen Side of an Unseen Particle


25 July


12:30 pm



Waiting till it is too late is not very helpful – definitely not when it comes to the Ocean. Keeping the Ocean in good health is a must because it is the Ocean that keeps life going on Planet Earth. Human presence is felt across the planet. They are sure to leave their trail on Earth from its tallest points on land to the greatest depths of the Ocean. What will the future hold for Planet Earth including the human race if we continue like this? Plastic mismanagement is one of our mistakes that affects land as well as the Ocean. Micro Plastics have grown into a macro issue that needs urgent attention.

TSSML believes in creating public awareness on issues that harm the marine environment. Awareness can make a big difference. Sri Lankan experts in the field talk on these issues at TSSML’s monthly awareness programmes. This month, Dr. Sajith Edirisinghe, Lecturer at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura will be our Guest Speaker. Dr. Edirisinghe will speak about Micro Plastics and its effects.


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