Seaweed Around The Clock


2 June


2:00 am


Virtual Around the World


Since 2008, BioMarine pioneered the emergence of the blue biotechnology industry, acting as a catalyst for innovative and emerging blue industries across the world. More specifically, BioMarine has developed an important network over the course of the past six years to accelerate the emergence of the seaweed industry. The two main challenges facing this nascent sector are scaling-up production to meet industry needs and maintaining environmental sustainability standards. BioMarine’s contribution to this “blue revolution” revolves around two key projects: Seaweed First,  a seaweed-farm accelerator company, and Seaweed Around the Clock the second edition of the international digital event dedicated to the entire seaweed value chain. The former concentrates on using CSR funds to instigate sustainable seaweed farms and create a global market of high-quality seaweed at a more competitive price. The later project focuses developing a multidisciplinary “global seaweed community” in order to raise awareness, exchange best practises, and identify goals to strengthen the seaweed industry.

SEAWEED AROUND THE CLOCK, 2nd edition : free and virtual 

24 Hours (Live non stop) from New Zealand to Tahiti. Three pillars in 2022: Virtual auditorium where the public can view the programme ; virtual exhibition hall where our sponsors can connect with the visitors; virtual networking lounge where the one to one meetings occur. The event is live on June 2nd then the virtual platform stays open until July 1st allowing more visits, more connections, more videos on demand.

Objective: Seaweed Around The Clock wishes to reach out to industry, scientists, governments and most importantly the general public to explain the benefit of seaweed for each citizen around the world: from climate change and ocean protection to anti-covid treatment, why seaweed is considered as THE game changer and THE fast track to achieving Paris Agreement?

Free pass and detailed programme here : 

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