Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean (POGO)

Observing the Global Ocean

Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean, POGO, is a forum created in 1999 by directors and leaders of major oceanographic institutions around the world to promote global oceanography. Of particular focus is the implementation of an international and integrated global ocean observing system. POGO is a partnership of institutions involved in oceanographic observations, scientific research, operational services, education and training. As at April 2019, POGO has 41 member institutes, including several consortia, from 23 different countries, and  works closely with other international and regional programmes and organisations.

As the scale of these activities becomes global, there is an increasing value in coordination among the institutions involved. Through joint planning and exchange of information, the community can make better use of the limited resources available. POGO does not set scientific goals, but focuses attention on implementation issues such as technical compatibility among observing networks; shared use of infrastructure; and on public outreach and capacity building.

POGO's Mission is to:

1. Lead innovation and development of the crucial components of the ocean observing system.
2. Identify and contribute to the development of the key skills, capabilities and capacities needed to achieve the vision.
3. Work with Governments, Foundations and Industry, to articulate the benefits to society and required funding to build and sustain the system.

Our vision is to have by 2030, world-wide cooperation for a sustainable, state-of-the-art global ocean observing system that serves the needs of science and society.



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