Gender and Water Alliance

Women competitors in Snake-boat race in coastal Kerala, India; Photo: Anamika Amani, GWA, 2017

The Gender and Water Alliance (GWA) is a global network dedicated to mainstream gender in water resources management, established at the Second World Water Forum (WWF) in March 2000.

The mission of GWA is to promote equitable access for all to safe and adequate water for domestic use, sanitation, food security and environmental management using an integrated water resources management approach that incorporates gender, social justice and human rights concerns. The network counts over 2200 members in more than 125 countries worldwide, comprising a wide range of capacities and expertise across all water sectors as well as from different stakeholder groups including government, grassroots organisations, NGOs, universities and research institutes, international agencies and individual consultants.

The purpose of GWA's activities is to significantly strengthen the gender-related understanding and practice of water sector professionals and decision-makers at national and local levels in targeted regions and countries. In order to achieve this the network focuses on:

  • Capacity building to mainstream gender in water management;
  • Advocacy for the incorporation of gender issues in the development and implementation of regional and national water-related policies and other policy influencing initiatives;
  • Reinforcing the international and global profile of gender equality issues in the water sector, and;
  • Collecting, recording and sharing with GWA members and other key stakeholders knowledge and information on gender mainstreaming policies, practice and experience.

The work of the GWA is always demand driven and frequently undertaken in partnership, which increases the sense of ownership of the beneficiaries and leads to more sustainable results.

Contact persons: GWA Executive Director, Joke Muylwijk,; GWA Advisor, Anamika Amani;



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