Adding an event (front end)

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This user guide will show you how to create and add an event using the front end form, available to non-administrator users.

User Guides

To access the Create Event page, click on "Add an event" in the user account menu at the top right side of a page.

Title box


In the top Title box, enter the title of the event you wish to record (in this example event info for AQUARIUM OF BOISE SUPPORTS WORLD OCEANS DAY is used)

Event type

Event Type

If this event falls under the category of 'Art exhibits and contests' please tick the box

Add a new image


You can now choose to add images to your event (image types allowed are png, gif, jpg, jpeg).

Under 'Add a new file' click the 'Choose Files' button.

Load image

You will be able to search for your image in the finder box that appears. Once you have found the image, click Open.

Alternative text/ remove

The image will now load. You can add as many images as you like by following the same process. 'Alternative text' (i.e. an appropriate title for the image) should be entered for each image.

If an image is no longer required, there is the option to remove an image by clicking the red Remove button to the right of the image.

Body text box


The next box is for main text relating to the event - simply paste into the box the text you wish to use.

(Paragraph spacing is automatic)

Styling tool bar

There are now a number of different ways to style the text - options for styling can be found in the top bar. These different tools give you the means to style the text as you see appropriate.

Heading options

In this example attention has been drawn to the first line of text, by highlighting the chosen line and selecting an option from the drop down menu in the toolbar (in this case, Heading 4).

Please note, to enable different stylings, the text should be separated by a paragraph.

Link button

It is also possible to add a link within the text (i.e. a link to a relevant webpage). To do this, highlight the relevant words, and select the link button (as seen in the image here).

input URL

Enter the address for the relevant webpage in the box that appears and click Save. A link will now be added to the selected words, meaning the user will be able to hover over this link and click to be automatically directed to the relevant webpage.

Start/ End dates

Start/ End Dates

Enter the start and end date of the event here - the time should also be added.

Please note, although a start date must be entered, it is not necessary to enter an end date.

Links to other pages


In this section, links to other webpages can be provided. Simply paste the URL into the specified box and include a descriptive word (i.e. Facebook)



If the venue of the event has already been added then click the 'Add existing venue' button - this will mean you do not need to re-enter venue details. However, if the venue has not been added before, click 'Add new venue' and input details of the venue. An associated venue image can also be included.


Please ensure your event is tagged with the relevant theme. Multiple selections may be made.

There are three themes to choose from:

  • Ocean Literacy
  • Ocean Science and Policy
  • Sustainable Development Goals

If your event relates to the Sustainable Development Goals, please ensure that all relevant targets are ticked.

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