Impact Travel Alliance x Oceanic Global WOD Twitter Chat

It’s 2019 and disposable plastic straws have (rightfully) become the public enemy; but how often do you think about how the way you travel, what you eat, and even what you wear is impacting our planet?

This year for World Oceans Day we teamed up with the United Nations’ official non-profit partner, Oceanic Global, to start a conversation about how we, as passionate and conscious travelers, can help improve our oceans and our planet through our daily choices.

Through a series of six thought-provoking questions, we asked the Twitter community to engage with us and share why ocean conservation is important to them, and what actions they take to preserve this precious resource year-round. Our co-hosts, Oceanic Global, helped us co-facilitate the conversation by responding to the questions, sharing resources, and pulling relevant organizations into the conversation.

Check out our top ten tips for ocean conservation!


1. Lead by example! All change starts with individuals. Whether you are devoting your career to ocean conservation or pledging to only use reef-safe sunscreen, no actions are too small. Check out Oceanic Global’s #OurChoicesMatter campaign that highlights simple steps for consumers to take action and create change.

ITA x OG Chat I

2. Broaden the conversation by inviting individuals to talk about ocean conservation through their existing interest areas. Instead of just telling them, show them why they should care about saving our oceans. Interested in fashion? Make an effort to learn about sustainable companies that are taking action, such as ReformationVetta or Everlane. Avid runner? Try out “plogging,” the Swedish concept, which combines jogging and picking up litter. There are endless ways to make a difference through something you already love!

3. Go plastic-free! Plastic plagues our oceans and sustainable alternatives are becoming increasingly more accessible. Don’t know where to start? Going straw-less, getting a reusable water bottle, and bringing your own bags to the grocery store are simple ways to start. Check out Oceanic Global’s Act page for more inspiration:

4. Let’s get creative with how we educate individuals on ocean conservation. Music and art are great examples of how we can gain traction and inspire new groups of individuals to make meaningful change.

  • Oceanic Global’s City-by-City immersive experience series demonstrates the intersection between art and activism! On July 20th, 2017, Oceanic Global brought together leading conservationists, speakers, artists, institutions, musicians and sustainable brands for a day-long festival that raised awareness and ignited action for ocean conservation. See more:

5. Recycle cigarette butts! “Cigarette butts are the single most littered plastic in the world and the only socially acceptable form of littering.” Oceanic Global’s partner, The TerraMar Project, a non-profit dedicated to saving the ocean, highlights this serious problem for our oceans that can be changed by individuals’ actions as well as changing social norms. Join TerraMar and Oceanic Global’s #NoMoreButts campaign, which addresses cigarette butt plastic pollution.

ITA x OG Chat II

6. Seek out businesses and companies that are successfully tackling ocean conservation and support them when you’re at home or traveling. Sea Going Green, Oceanic Global’s partners in advocating for responsible practices in the hospitality and tourism industry, and Oceanic Global partner Beneath The Waves, a shark conservation group, are two examples of organizations making strides to protect our oceans.

7. Engage and include your local communities in the conversation. After all, they are entrenched in their natural environment and are the ones sharing your local natural wealth with visitors. We should try to make an effort to learn how to respect and replenish these resources when traveling.

8. Take a stand by voting in all elections for representatives that care about our oceans and are making positive choices for our environment. Elect politicians who will advocate for not only our well-being but our planet’s also.

9. Find inspiration in others who are actively making a change – use their success as motivation! Check out 16-year-old Greta Thunberg who proves you are never too young to become a leader and inspire others.


10. Treat every day like World Oceans Day! We need to continue this conversation year-round to make a lasting impact. Being conscious of how you travel, what you eat, and the clothes you purchase all present opportunities to make proactive decisions in preserving our oceans.




Impact Travel Alliance

A 501(c)3 nonprofit and global community, we aim to improve the world through business and leisure travel. We do this through efforts to mainstream sustainable tourism.


Oceanic Global

Oceanic Global

A nonprofit that engages new audiences in ocean conservation. We tap into universal passions to raise awareness for issues impacting our oceans and to provide individual and industry solutions that drive positive change.

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