The Explorers Club World Oceans Week, Day 1 - Expedition: 5 Oceans, 2 Hours

Junio 07 2020 @ 7:00 PM - 9:20 PM

Kick-off World Oceans Week and join some of the world's leading explorers, scientists, and entrepreneurs for a whirlwind tour of the planet's five oceans - on Sunday, June 7 at 7:00 pm! To join the livestream, simply visit our homepage at, or tune in on our Facebook Live


  • Richard Wiese, Explorers Club President
  • Jean-Michel Cousteau, Ocean Activist, Founder of Ocean Futures Society
  • Dr. Sylvia Earle, “Her Deepness”, President and Founder of Mission Blue


  • Craig Cary, Microbial Ecologist
  • Nina Jensen, CEO of REV Ocean
  • Dr. Britney E. Schmidt, Astrobiologist
  • Brent S. Stewart, Ph.D., J.D., Senior Research Scientist, HUBBS
  • Wayne L. White, Winter Manager at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station


  • Dr. Asha de Vos, NatGeo Emerging Explorer, Marine Biologist, Pioneer of Blue Whale Research
  • Jason DeCaires Taylor, Creator of the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park
  • Jamila Janna, Marine Biologist, Youth for MPAs Spokesperson
  • Aya Mariyam Rahil Naseem, Co-Founder of the Maldives Coral Institute
  • Oliver Steeds, Nekton Chief Executive and Mission Director


  • Dr. Bertrand Piccard, Explorers Club Honorary President
  • Fabien Cousteau, Aquanaut, Ocean Conservationist, and Filmmaker
  • Beverly Goodman, Ph.D., Marine Geoarchaeologist
  • Shimrit Perkos-Finkel, Ph.D., CEO & Chief Scientist ECOncrete Tech Ltd.
  • Mo Phung & Alexandra Vance, Co-Founders and Directors of Oceans Week Halifax
  • Patricia Ricard, President of the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute


  • David A. Balton, Senior Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Center’s Polar Institute
  • Mira Kleist, Special Advisor on Arctic Affairs to the Government of Greenland
  • Thorsten Markus, Ph.D., Program Manager for Cryospheric Science at NASA
  • Dr. Martin Nweeia, Narwhal Expert, Harvard University & The Smithsonian
  • Dr. Marie Porter, Physical Oceanographer at the Scottish Association for Marine Science
  • Dr. Markus Rex & Esther Horvath, MOSAiC


  • Naino ThompsonPresident of the Polynesian Voyaging Society, Pwo Navigator of Hōkūleʻa
  •  Sandra Bessudo, President of the Malpelo Foundation
  • Julia Kubanek, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Research of the College of Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Kerstin Forsberg, Founder and Director of Planeta Océano (Rolex Awards for Enterprise Laureate 2019)
  • Dawn Wright, Ph.D., Chief Scientist of Esri


To close the evening at 9:00 pm, we bring you the world’s largest virtual dive! Join us and fellow explorers on the coral reefs of Palau with marine biologist, and Hydrous co-founder and CEO, Dr. Erika Woolsey as your guide in the virtual reality film Immerse. Swim with manta rays, sea turtles, and sharks while you explore beautiful and threatened coral ecosystems and hear from marine scientists and young ocean advocates.

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