#TOGETHERBAND is a non-profit campaign launched by sustainable accessory brand BOTTLETOP that unites us as a global community, sharing commitment to all of the 17 UN Global Goals. Our aim is to bring together one billion active citizens to achieve these Goals.

Each pack contains two #TOGETHERBANDs so whether you buy a Classic or a Mini, you can share your chosen goal with someone important to you. When you buy your #TOGETHERBAND 100% of the proceeds from each sale are used to spread the word about the Global Goals and fund life-changing projects to build a better future for us all.

#TOGETHERBANDS are crafted using innovative and sustainable materials. Handmade in Nepal from upcycled ocean plastic, 1 Kg of plastic is removed from marine environments whenever you buy a band. All of our bands generate sustainable employment. The clasp is made from decommissioned illegal firearms in the silhouette of an upcycled ring pull, in reference to the BOTTLETOP signature material.

Fine out more about the #TOGETHERBAND campaign by visiting www.togetherband.org



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