Ocean-Inspired Curriculum for Students / Parents / Teachers


  1. *World Oceans Day for Schools ~ for a wide range of resources, projects and more. 
  2. Ocean School
  3. Plastic-Free Campus
  4. Grades of Green
  6. Common Seas
  7. Last Chance Endeavors
  8. Greenpeace
  9. Plastic Pollution Coalition
  10. SponGES ~ deep sea sponges educational resources
  11. Project Blue: Protect Blue



  1. Conscious Coloring Book (Oceanic Global)
  2. Rising Waters (Climate Creatives)
    1. Create your own virtual exhibition.
  3. "Eyes on Plastic" Family Home Project (Plastic-Free Campus)
    1. Investigate your home plastic footprint.
  4. Eco-Action (Grades of Green)
    1. Find projects and tips for green living the whole family can explore!
  5. "Parent Survival Series" (NAMEPA)
    1. Promote Ocean Literacy from home with weekly activities.
  6. Educator Guides (NAMEPA)
  7. Classroom Connection podcast series from Last Chance Endeavors
  8. Ocean Plastics Academy from Common Seas
    1. Specific modules broken down by age groups from ages 5-14. 
  9. Talking Trash from Ocean Conservancy
    1. Note: pull content from the pre-cleanup exercises and games.
  10. Creative Writing Prompts (Home School Antics)
  11. Endangered Species Origami (WWF)
  12. Plastic-Free Schools (Surfers Against Sewage)
  13. Ocean Creative Coloring Book (Pangea SEED)
  14. Quarantine Quilts (Climate Creatives)
  15. Climate Art for Congress (Climate Museum)
  16. Pre- and Post- screening lesson plans (Chasing Coral)
    1. One-day classroom modules for grades 6-12
  17. Unstoppable Schools project (Chasing Coral)
    1. Semester-long project-based learning initiative for grades 6-12
  18. Doc Academy resources (Chasing Coral)
    1. Short film clips and basic lesson plans for all ages
  19. VR for the classroom (Chasing Coral)
    1. 6 min VR film + google expeditions for virtual dives
  20. Voices for the Planet (LumiVoce)
    1. Create a story, illustration, or remix to share your love for wildlife!
  21. The Everyday Plastic Survey

*For fun home-schooling: Harry Potter puzzles & games



  1. 2020 Ocean Youth Forum (Sustainable Ocean Alliance)
  2. Youth for the SDGs Scholarship (Peace Boat)
  3. Sea Youth Rise Up 2020
  4. K-12 ART CONTEST: Sustainable Shipping (NAMEPA)
    1. Deadline for submissions is April 30th
  5. Plastic Pollution Earth Day Poster Contest (Beyond Plastics)
  6. Share Your Stories!! 
    1. Post videos and use the hashtag #unworldoceansday.




Short Films

1. Connected - All Of Our Oceans Are One (English Version)

    Connected - למען הים - (Hebrew version)

2. Haunted Waters

3. Island of youth - Island of Change Cuba. (English Version)

    Island of youth - Island of Change Cuba. (Interviews in Spanish Version)

4. A Meditation For Wellbeing With Dolphins


Talking Animals Public Service Announcements

1. Caribbean

The Caribbean Marine Etiquette PSA is an entertaining visual experience starring Academy Award winner Benicio Del Toro. It engages, intrigues and educates residents, tourists, and children alike with stunning underwater imagery of the Caribbean Islands. Important messages of marine conservation are delivered by animals in their environment "talking" to the viewer.

Caribbean Marine Etiquette PSA (English)

Comportamiento en el Ambiente Marino Caribeño (Spanish)

2. Red Sea

An eye-catching experience that empowers tourists to the Red Sea make the best choices to help protect the reef system they encounter. It is the third talking marine animals film from filmmaker Ziggy Livnat that promotes awareness to our fragile coral reef ecosystems (Hawaii 2005, Caribbean 2010).  Nine of Israel's top entertainers donated their talent to create the animals' voices accompanied by an original soundtrack. For now the film is in Hebrew with English subtitles. We are seeking funds to produce English, Arabic, Russian and French dubbed versions.

Eilat's Reef Speaks - שונית אילת מדברת (Hebrew with English Subtitles)

3. Hawai’i

This 2005 Public Service Announcement is based on Hawaiian lore with original musical background and narration from some of Hawai‘i’s top entertainers. When released, it was viewed by more then one million visitors annualy.

Hawaiian Blue - Hawaii's Reef Etiquette PSA (English  version)

Hawaiian Blue - Hawaii's Reef Etiquette PSA (Japanese version)


Learning To Sea - The Series

Learning to Sea is a series of 13 three-minute episodes that appeared weekly on CBS TV2 News. Each episode feature a different marine animal in its natural environment with stunning filmed imagery, as well as interesting facts and humor narrated by the talented Ted Davis. Each episode accompanied by spectacular original music composed to picture by St Croix's own born and raised Padraic Coursey and A.J. Ventura. Footage for this series was gathered by Livnat and his crew over the course of eighteen months and several hundred dives in the USVI.

Learning to Sea - The Octopus

Learning to Sea - The Sea Turtles

Learning to Sea - The Creative Crabs

Learning to Sea - The Spiny Lobster

Learning to Sea - The Great Barracuda

Learning to Sea - The Parrotfish

Learning to Sea - The Queen conch

Learning to Sea - The Southern Stingray

Learning to Sea - The Reef Squid

Learning to Sea - The Echinoderms

Learning to Sea - The Nassau Grouper

Learning to Sea - Plastic


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