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Do you know what the Sustainable Development Goals are?


The “SDGs” is a global plan developed by all countries around the world to promote decisive action on the major economic, social and environmental challenges we face today, from combatting hunger to conserving our ocean. The 17 SDGs will inspire governments, industry, science, civil society, youth - from now until 2030 - to work together to support our people and our planet, ensure our collective peace and prosperity, and develop the partnerships and solidarity required to address needs of the poorest and most vulnerable countries and citizens. 

Conserving the ocean and sustainably using its resources is a key part of the SDGs. The SDG14 sets forth key actions for conserving the our global ocean - its temperature, chemistry, currents and life - which drive the natural systems that make the Earth habitable for humankind.

On World Oceans Day, we invite you to celebrate this precious resource that gives us much of what we need to survive:

  • Our rainwater
  • drinking water
  • weather
  • climate
  • coastlines
  • much of our food
  • and even the oxygen in the air we breathe...

are all ultimately provided and regulated by the ocean.

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This Portal is your window into the actions the United Nations, governments and all stakeholders around the world are taking to carefully manage the essential global resource that is our ocean

Here, events and personal profiles help give a face to the Ocean SDG. Coastal communities at the forefront of the sustainable development challenges can communicate their priorities to policymakers and show just how rooted and global is their commitment to the conservation of our ocean, our future.

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