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The Business of Ocean Data

We believe a Smart City instruments it's ocean space to understand the impact of a city on Marine life, nurture more effective aquaculture environments, and enhance urban resilience. The Ocean Data Alliance is meeting at New Lab to explore the confluence of urban tech and ocean governance. We will have roundtable discussions with leaders about how to instrument New York harbor, re-invent Marine science as a data service, build open standard sensors, and decarbonize maritime supply chains. We welcome urban tech entrepreneurs, Marine scientists, conservation professionals, bankers, artists, and public policy gurus who want to collaborate and make a difference.

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The Business of Ocean Data @ New Lab

The Business of Ocean Data June 05 2019 @ 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM


Ocean Data can generate huge business value, and improve the environment; when it is easy to find, understand, and use by millions for whom it was never intended. Data creates value when it is utilized and it is the purpose of the Ocean Data Alliance to radically increase the utility of ocean data by magnifying the audience that can use it.

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