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The Eco Divers Reef Foundation is a registered Non Profit Group in the Cayman Islands dedicated to saving the coral reefs around Grand Cayman. Every Summer our corals are able to spawn and seed our local reefs with new coral larvae. Our plan is to create a series of coral spawning sites encircling the entire island that will offer the maximum spread and diversity of corals around our entire island. In order to create these spawning sites, we have diligently studies a variety of issues and have developed a cutting edge process for selecting our coral out planting sites. We also realize that efficient coral spawning requires healthy corals, so we have created a new coral nursery concept that will allow us to maintain a nearly 100% survival rate of corals in our program. To date, we have weathered multiple bleaching events, storms and political maneuvering while protecting our corals and constantly moving forward toward our goals. Please take a few moments to review our social media to learn in real time about our exciting new program.

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