Waterway Festival de l'Eau

Montréal is the most populous river island in the world. Being that our city is surrounded by water, Eau-dacité seeks to inspire and mobilize civil society to seek solutions to improve the environmental condition of our watershed. Eau-Dacité is a community-based organization with a gender-based focus. Our mission is to promote waterway literacy and conservation through unconventional and innovative projects, programs and events.

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Eau-Dacité Waterway Festival de l'Eau

Eau-Dacité Waterway Festival June 07 2019 @ 5:00 PM - June 08 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Eau-dacité Waterway Festival is an immersive initiative that will celebrate the local and national waterways and marine spaces. Art and culture will be used to explore the theme of what our waterways mean to Montréalers”. This project will be targeted to all segments of the population, with a special effort to include minorities and underrepresented people in environmental sustainability fora.

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