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Instituto Monitoramento Mirim Costeiro
Rua Aderbal Ramos da Silva, 46 - Centro Histórico
Fone: 55 48 99171.1601
Instituto Monitoramento Mirim Costeiro

Instituto Monitoramento Mirim Costeiro (IMMC) has a program that is a Technology Social pioneer in Brazil for education to raise awareness of coastal zone preservation and enhancement of the traditional culture of Garopaba (SC). For seven years it has been promoting learning
participation through research and seeks to transform 4th and 5th year students from Schools Municipalities of Garopaba (SC) in ‘guardians of the oceans’. Since 2012, they have already benefited 2,240 students from 12 Municipal Schools in Garopaba, in addition to involving more than 30 teachers of the Education Network with the Child Monitoring Environmental Education Program Coastal. 192 field trips, 277 theoretical-participative classes, in addition to the installation of 22 information boards with local indicators on the main access roads to the beaches
monitored. Won the 2017 Latin America Green Award in the ‘Oceans’ category among 2,409 projects registered from 36 countries in Latin America. In 2017, he received the IGK Award - Instituto Guga Kuerten in the Environmental Educational Action category. It is also a Voluntary Committee instituted at the 2017 Oceans Conference, organized by the United Nations (UN), being an example of a solution for the education of children to solve the problem of ocean pollution. IMMC was a finalist for the Santa Catarina Award for Educação 2018, semifinalist of the Itaú-Unicef ​​Award 2018. In 2019, received the Nana Award Mininni Medina for best in non-formal environmental education.
Mission: Form a Network of Child Guardians of the Oceans.

My Pledges

Stop Depletion of Fish Stocks
  • Pledge 1: Choose sustainable seafood.
  • Pledge 2: Buy ocean-friendly certified seafood.
  • Pledge 3: Ask about the sustainability of seafood before you order in restaurants.
  • Pledge 4: Learn more about the fishing and aquaculture sectors so you can make informed choices.
Stop Ocean Acidification by Reducing Carbon Emissions
  • Pledge 4: Reduce your energy use at home (think insulation, turning off lights, shorter cycles on washing machines).
  • Pledge 5: Conserve water (shorter showers, turn off tap when brushing teeth etc). It takes a lot of energy to pump, treat and heat water.
  • Pledge 6: Waste less food. Agriculture and food production uses vast amounts of carbon dioxide.
  • Pledge 7: Buy locally produced and seasonal food to minimise carbon emissions of transportation.
Stop Plastic Marine Debris
  • Pledge 1: Refuse plastic drinking straws.
  • Pledge 2: Avoid cosmetics that contain microbeads (hidden plastic). Check for polyethylene and polypropylene.
  • Pledge 3: Carry a reusable water bottle.
  • Pledge 4: Choose biodegradable or reusable cutlery and plates over plastic.
  • Pledge 5: Dispose of plastics properly; don't flush (e.g. Q-tips, sanitary products or sticking plasters).
  • Pledge 6: Use reusable shopping bags over disposable plastic bags.
  • Pledge 7: Compost your organic waste to use fewer rubbish bags.
  • Pledge 8: Reuse, recycle and opt for no packaging when possible
Stop Pollution of the Ocean by Contaminants
  • Pledge 1: Use eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Pledge 2: Dispose of chemicals properly.
  • Pledge 3: Avoid foods treated with synthetically manufactured pesticides.
  • Pledge 4: Do not discharge sewage from boats into coastal waters.
  • Pledge 5: Dispose of unused medicines responsibly; don't flush them. Return them to your local pharmacy.

My Events

Caroline Schio, Presidente do IMMC participa do Cine Debate da Missão UNESCO para a "Década da Ciência pelo Oceano - 2021-2030”

Cine Debate - A Década dos Oceanos


No ‘Dia Internacional dos Oceanos’, 08 de junho, acontecerá o lançamento da missão UNESCO para a "Década da Ciência pelo Oceano - 2021-2030”. Em parceria com a @vozesdoplaneta.podcast , @tocha_filmes e @unibescultural, haverá uma série de quatro eventos virtuais para as principais duas semanas que terão como anfitriões a Jornalista @pauli_chamorro e Consultor Técnico do Instituto Ecosurf, @joaomalavolta.

Dia Mundial dos Oceanos - Amanda Suita

LIVE Como a cultura oceânica e o monitoramento ambiental podem auxiliar na transformação da sociedade e das crianças em 'Guardiães dos Oceanos'.


Nossa Bióloga Armanda Suita participa da live: Geração dos Oceanos da Secretaria do Meio Ambiente de Imbituba/SC/Brasil, @semaimbituba dia 08/06, às 16h - Dia Mundial dos Oceanos🌊🌊🌊
O tema é: Como a cultura oceânica e o monitoramento ambiental podem auxiliar na transformação da sociedade e das crianças em 'Guardiães dos Oceanos'.
Esperamos vocês 😉

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