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Located in Ensenada, Baja California, México, CICESE is a leading institution where research, teaching and development of science and technology take place in areas related to the sea, Earth, and life sciences, and in physical and computer sciences.

Our scientific staff is made up of 450 researchers and technicians who work on an average of 350 research projects every year, and tutor the development of close to 550 students in 18 graduate programs, which are registered in the CONACYT National Program of Graduate Studies of Excellence. 10% of our students are from other countries, and about 3,150 have graduated.

Fields of study:

Aquaculture, Marine Ecology, Physical and Biological Oceanography, Conservation Biology, Marine Biotechnology, Microbiology, Computer Sciences, Information Science, Electronics, Optics, Telecommunications, Applied Geophysics, Geology, Seismology, Environmental Geosciences and Alternative Energies.

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