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United Nations world Oceans Day- Ocean Dialogue

Runa Ray is a Fashion Design Company established in 2012.
We strive to work for the 3 R’s

Paramount to our Philosophy since 2012.
When we design, we keep the end in mind, which means that we are important to the reduction of carbon foot print that takes place during the process of manufacturing of a design

From surplus fabrics that would end up in a land fill to over produced trims, we ensure that the end product would be of a limited edition and a design masterpiece
By using sustainable materials available across the globe which is bio degradable and is ecologically friendly.

As a sustainable Fashion Company, Our emphasis is on natural fibers that are planet friendly and is one hundred percent bio degradable. The techniques we use are zero fabric wastage through Origami, Chlorophyll printing. Ancient Crafts such as water painting. And the using of pre existing fabrics that would end up in Land Fills.

​We raise awareness through Fashion Activism and Educate the youth.
We are responsible for educating our fellow designers to keep the end in mind.

​Our Mission is to Help and Save the Planet by addressing various Environmental and Social concerns through Fashion.

At World Oceans Day- We plan to show the world the negative effects of dyes in the Fashion Industry entering our waters and what we can do to combat it

My Events

The Dialogue with Runa Ray and Ethnic Minorities

Navigating Brackish Waters- The Oceans and Humanity June 28 2020 @ 7:00 AM - 7:30 AM


It is critical that we recognize that racial justice is an integral part to achieving environmental justice.

Man and his oceans are interlinked. We as a community are interlinked. Working and striving together for a better world.

The World Oceans Day was started in order to give recognition to the disregarded plight of the oceans and “to strengthen the voice of the ocean and the coastal constituencies worldwide.”

As part of our mission to empower local communities, we are committed to empowering those that struggle as a result of racism and unconscious bias.


THE OCEAN DIALOGUE- Discussions from around the Globe Impacting our Oceans October 06 2020 @ 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Dialogues are communication to collaboration through the process of critical and creative thinking.

The Pandemic has given rise to a lot of introspection when it comes to Life as a whole. It has got us to rethink values and continue on our journey of leaving no one behind.

The Ocean offers multiple opportunities towards creative conversations, values and understanding of the seas.

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