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James Saracini, Marketing and Communications Director
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Grades of Green provides students with the support and resources they need to discover their passion and turn it into environmental action. We differentiate our approach by offering personalized mentorship and hands-­on environmental leadership training through project­‐based learning, including required civic engagement projects that actively work on environmental issues to create impact, today.

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Motivating Your Audience to Take Action

Motivating Your Audience to Take Action: Lessons Learned by Student Advocates June 11 2020 @ 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


For people who care about the environment, it always seems like we're trying to convince our friends, family, school leaders, companies, governments and elected officials to take action or make a change. It's not easy. Often we're asking our audiences to make a big change that takes a lot of work and may cost money. Because of these challenges, it's important that we put a lot of time and thought into crafting our advocacy messages to make sure they're powerful and effective! 

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