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Stop Depletion of Fish Stocks
  • Pledge 1: Choose sustainable seafood.
  • Pledge 2: Buy ocean-friendly certified seafood.
  • Pledge 3: Ask about the sustainability of seafood before you order in restaurants.
  • Pledge 4: Learn more about the fishing and aquaculture sectors so you can make informed choices.
Stop Ocean Acidification by Reducing Carbon Emissions
  • Pledge 1: Think before driving. Explore transportation alternatives to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Pledge 2: Choose an energy efficient vehicle.
  • Pledge 3: Keep your tyres properly inflated (will boost your miles per litre of fuel consumption).
  • Pledge 4: Reduce your energy use at home (think insulation, turning off lights, shorter cycles on washing machines).
  • Pledge 5: Conserve water (shorter showers, turn off tap when brushing teeth etc). It takes a lot of energy to pump, treat and heat water.
  • Pledge 6: Waste less food. Agriculture and food production uses vast amounts of carbon dioxide.
  • Pledge 7: Buy locally produced and seasonal food to minimise carbon emissions of transportation.
Stop Plastic Marine Debris
  • Pledge 1: Refuse plastic drinking straws.
  • Pledge 2: Avoid cosmetics that contain microbeads (hidden plastic). Check for polyethylene and polypropylene.
  • Pledge 3: Carry a reusable water bottle.
  • Pledge 4: Choose biodegradable or reusable cutlery and plates over plastic.
  • Pledge 5: Dispose of plastics properly; don't flush (e.g. Q-tips, sanitary products or sticking plasters).
  • Pledge 6: Use reusable shopping bags over disposable plastic bags.
  • Pledge 7: Compost your organic waste to use fewer rubbish bags.
  • Pledge 8: Reuse, recycle and opt for no packaging when possible
Stop Pollution of the Ocean by Contaminants
  • Pledge 1: Use eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Pledge 2: Dispose of chemicals properly.
  • Pledge 3: Avoid foods treated with synthetically manufactured pesticides.
  • Pledge 4: Do not discharge sewage from boats into coastal waters.
  • Pledge 5: Dispose of unused medicines responsibly; don't flush them. Return them to your local pharmacy.

My Events

Iniciativas Sostenibles

Iniciativas Sostenibles June 08 2020 @ 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM


馃檹馃徎Esperamos se encuentren muy bien.馃檶馃徏

馃摚Queremos invitarlos el pr贸ximo 8 de junio, de 15 a 17 hs GTM-3 a participar del聽

鉁⊿eminario Web 馃捇

馃寠D铆a Mundial de los Oc茅anos: Iniciativas para el Desarrollo Sostenible.馃寧

馃憠馃徎Contaremos con la presentaci贸n de 4 iniciativas que d铆a a d铆a promueven la conservaci贸n, protecci贸n y valorizaci贸n de los oc茅anos, aportando al ODS 14 de Vida Submarina y a las metas del particulares del propio Objetivo Global.馃寧

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