8 June


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Time: 8:00 AM UTC

C2GDiscuss Ocean-based climate altering approaches in context: the ocean-climate nexus

The oceans and climate change are inextricably connected. Othe one hand, the oceans are faced with significant threats posed by climate change through acidification, loss of oxygen, and warming; on the other hand, the oceanplay a critical role in regulating the climate system, acting as a major heat and carbon sink, and have been increasingly regarded as a source of solutions to climate change 

A range of additional ocean-based climate-altering approaches are being explored to limit climate impacts. For example, introducing additional nutrients to enhance photosynthesis of plankton to remove CO2 from the ocean surface and transport it to the deep ocean; cultivating large-scale seaweed to capture carbon through photosynthesis for sequestration; and brightening marine clouds through spraying sea water to deliver cooling locally.  

However, all these approaches may present potential benefits and risks. What do the ocean protection community and the climate protection community say about these approaches? Is there a panacea for addressing the major environmental and socio-political challenges that these approaches pose? How can their risks and benefits be weighed up against the expected impacts of climate change? 

For World Oceans Day 2021C2GDiscuss will feature three global experts sharing their views on Ocean-based climate altering approaches in context: the ocean-climate nexus. Click here for the event page!  

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