7 June 2024

UN World Oceans Day 2024 is hosted by the Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea of the Office of Legal Affairs (DOALOS) in partnership with Oceanic Global.

* While the official UN designation for World Oceans Day is still 8 June, the 2024 event will be celebrated on Friday 7 June.


The knowledge on the ocean’s dire state is clear. Still, we’re not listening. To motivate widespread momentum for the ocean, we need to awaken new depths.

Join us on 7 June 2024 as we explore new depths of understanding, compassion, collaboration, commitment, and more.

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Ocean Leaders

Humanity can count on the ocean, but can the ocean count on us? Today and every day let’s put the ocean first.”

António Guterres - United Nations Secretary-General

The more I see irresponsible human activity – pollution, acidification, extraction- devastating the ocean, the more I find myself asking….
Has humanity forgotten that the ocean not only covers the planet, but also sustains it?”

Jason Momoa - Actor and UN Environment Programme Advocate for Life Below Water

It’s the first time that we know what we know and it’s maybe the last best chance we’ll ever have to make peace with nature.”

Sylvia Earle - Explorer at Large, National Geographic & Mission Blue

Our stories are the sacred medicine that ocean decision-making needs.”

Mpume Mthombeni - Performer & Co-founder, Empatheatre

I can think of no task more essential than caring for our oceans and maintaining the delicate balance of their depths.”

Lucas Bravo - Actor and Activist

Now, more than ever, health is on the forefront of public consciousness – but, we must understand that our health, human health, is dependent on the health of our oceans and the health of our planet.”

Cara Delevingne - Actress, Model & Co-Founder, EcoResolution

[The ocean] is more than twice the size of all continents combined, and it’s all unexplored. The cost effectiveness of exploring the ocean is radically greater than exploring outer space.”

Ray Dalio - Founder and Chief Investment Officer Mentor of Bridgewater Associates and the Co-Founder of both Dalio Philanthropies and OceanX

It’s always better to be actively involved in change, even when the problems seem insurmountable.”

Ellie Goulding - Multi-Platinum Selling Singer/Songwriter

Join us on 7 June 2024 for a hybrid celebration of UN World Oceans Day, hosted both virtually and in-person at the UN Headquarters in New York.

7 June 2024
10AM - 1:30PM EDT

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