Call for Creators: World Ocean’s Day Workshops to Create and Monetize Ocean Art


3 June


9:00 am



Are you passionate about the environment and eager to make a difference?

“Create for the Ocean” is a unique and inspiring creative campaign, a partnership between Create2030 and Paysenger, designed to bring together artists and activists from around the world in honor of the UN World Ocean Day.

This event is your platform to express your love for the ocean, raise awareness, and contribute to positive change. Whether you’re an accomplished artist, an aspiring creator, or a dedicated advocate, this campaign welcomes all talents and perspectives.

Over the course of two workshops, you’ll have the chance to showcase your artistic prowess and create captivating pieces that celebrate the beauty of the ocean while addressing its critical challenges. By participating, you’ll not only gain exposure for your work but also contribute to raising awareness for ocean conservation efforts.

Highlights of the “Create for the Ocean” campaign include:

  • Craft Building Workshop: Whether a beginning or established creator, you’ll be guided on how to create artwork that supports the theme as well as learn AI prompts to create stunning and powerful AI art for the ocean!
  • Artistic Collaboration: Engage with a diverse community of artists, activists, and environmental enthusiasts who share your passion for protecting our oceans.
  • Monetization Opportunities: Seamlessly integrate your creative expression with financial sustainability. Learn how to monetize your art effectively and ethically, empowering you to support yourself while contributing to a cause you deeply care about.
  • Selected artworks will be showcased in a virtual art gallery on UN World Ocean Day, ensuring global exposure and recognition for your talent, while generating increased awareness for ocean conservation.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of a global movement, uniting artists and activists to create a sustainable future for our oceans. Together, Create2030 and Paysenger have joined forces to make a profound impact on the world and inspire others to join us in this vital cause.

Secure your spot today for the “Create for the Ocean” campaign, and let your art be the catalyst for change! Help us spread the word by sharing this event with fellow artists, activists, and anyone who believes in the power of art to shape a better world.


Saturday, June 3rd from 9-10:30am EST: Creative Workshop

Wednesday, June 7th from 9-10:30am EST: Monetization Workshop


Questions? [email protected]




Create2030 is an award-winning international network of professional, diverse artists and storytellers committed to using their voices and platforms in support of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Create2030 is contracted by UN/NGO agencies for live performances, creative workshops and partnerships.


Paysenger is the ultimate platform designed exclusively for creators and their dedicated audience. Say goodbye to the struggle of monetizing your influence and embrace a seamless, convenient and rewarding experience.

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