Cherish, Protect, and Restore: June Action Asks


1 June


12:00 am



June is World Oceans Month! We drew our inspiration for this month’s CPR theme from World Oceans Day, celebrated on June 8th.

The ocean is a crucial part of our ecosystem. It produces more than half of the oxygen we breath and absorbs large amounts of carbon, approximately 50 times more than our atmosphere. The ocean also helps to regulate the earth’s climate by transporting heat from the equator to the poles. Not only does it do all of this to sustain life on land, but it is home to more than 80% of life on earth and is incredibly biologically diverse, meaning there are many different types of marine animals living in the ocean. However, despite its importance, the ocean faces threats, like overfishing, pollution, and warming waters and acidification due to climate change. People contribute to all of these threats, which is why we are focusing on how we can mitigate some of these harms this month and every month with our June action asks.

For World Oceans Month we are asking the community to participate in one or more three easy asks to reduce ocean pollution caused by runoff. These simple action asks will help prevent harmful chemicals from polluting our ocean and will allow us to learn more about how else we can help protect our ocean.

  1. Reduce chemical use — switch, donate, or make your own cleaning products
  2. Create a compost bin
  3. Learn more about the ocean

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