Innovacion Azul – Scaling solutions for small-scale fishers


9 June


3:00 pm



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Billions of people rely on seafood as their primary source of protein, most of it caught by the 180 million people working in small-scale fisheries worldwide. Climate change, overfishing, and pollution threaten ocean ecosystems and coastal communities alike. Globally, solving for these complex problems is estimated to require $1.75 trillion by 2030. Fragmented and uncoordinated marine conservation efforts that focus on a few silver bullets (e.g., MPAs, rights-based fisheries management) often overlook the people who are on the ocean, adapting their lives to fish every day – small-scale fishers.


Innovación Azul is a social enterprise, based on a platform cooperative that is owned by fishers, fishing groups, NGOs, and other stakeholders in the ocean conservation community, facilitating collaboration, and providing a digital infrastructure for small-scale fishers in Latin America, and the Caribbean. Innovación Azul, and its beachhead app PescaData, provide a web-based enterprise dashboard for fishing cooperatives and organizations, business operation tools for fishers, a marketplace for goods, services and ideas and mechanisms to measure all stakeholders’ contributions to international goals such as the SDGs and FAO´s Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries.


Join us to discuss how to create scalable change and move Latin America fisheries towards sustainability and create resilient coastal communities.

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