Kids Dive: discover the ocean


8 June


9:00 am


Sesimbra, Portugal

Kids Dive program and Sesimbra Municipality will celebrate World Oceans Day – a day for humanity to celebrate the ocean – by providing experiential learning to 60 local students. All participants will have the opportunity to engage in an innovative first scuba-diving experience, full of surprises, reinforced by two practical workshops on the importance of preserving biodiversity and mitigation of plastic pollution. These activities are part of Kids Dive ocean literacy educational program (, promoted by MARE-ISPA in partnership with Nautilus-sub, Lisbon Zoo, APLM, and Lisbon Oceanarium. This program, designed and executed by scientists, contributes to ocean revitalization by sparking collective action for the ocean. Kids Dive program activities promote behavior change and inspire a new generation of Ocean stewards. On World Oceans Day 60 new ocean young ambassadors will arise, to trigger positive impacts in the local marine protected area: Arrábida Marine Park (

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