The Essence of Water – Oceans Earth and Us – art , story and science exhibition online.


8 June


8:00 am


Virtual from Devon UK

Welcome to The Essence of Water Art Exhibition 

​Experience ” The Essence of Water – Oceans Earth and Us “Art exhibition through a collection of paintings, story, poetry and science all about the delicate nature of the Ocean, become aware of how deeply we are connected to the element of Water and the global Ocean,​ the largest Eco system on Earth.
​With awareness we can begin to make conscious changes for the future, changes which support a more harmonious, healthier sustainable way forward for the health and future of Humanity, the Oceans and for the Earth as a whole.


OCEAN ESSENCE is the home of The Essence of Water ,Oceans, Earth and Us exhibition. This exhibition has the aim to inspire people to be the change they wish to see in the world, through the marriage of art works and science /information from Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Save Our Seas Foundation, and The Essence of Water, Oceans, Earth and Us booklet.

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