Oceanic Global’s Earth Day 2021: Ancient Wisdom & the Ocean

Join Oceanic Global this upcoming Earth Day as we delve into the deep importance of ancient & ancestral ocean knowledge, and explore its ties to recent scientific research methodologies.

For Earth Day 2021, Oceanic Global is hosting an educational campaign and virtual event around the theme “Ancient Wisdom & the Ocean.” The event will highlight the role of traditional, indigenous, and local knowledge in ocean conservation and the importance of incorporating it hand-in-hand with conventional science to find long-term solutions for a truly sustainable future.

As part of the day’s programming, Oceanic Global will be hosting four discussion circles around the key themes of Protecting Our Marine Areas, Fisheries, Climate Resiliency, and Oceanic Biodiversity. Leading up to the event, Oceanic Global will be launching an associated social media storytelling campaign leading up to April 22nd, 2021.

Ancient Wisdom & the Ocean Event Details

Date: Tuesday, April 20th

Time: 10:00 – 15:00 (EST)

*RSVP will be available closer to the date. Stay tuned for more information

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