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I live by the Sea International Youth Photo and Film Contest

July 10 - July 31

The philosophy behind the I live by the Sea Contest is to create a platform which enables exchange of information for all people interested in the ocean. We strive to create an international society, whose members believe in the need to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with special emphasis on marine issues. We hope that our contest unites international youth who mutually learn about various aspects of marine environments, from social to natural issues.

We think, that the opportunity to contact people from various parts of the world is a great value in itself. Therefore, taking part in the contest with a chance that his/her work will be presented in various world places, during important events dedicated to the oceans, we help to promote their own perception of the reality and their regions. We want the participants to share this vision with us. We want all of them to feel like we are helping to change the world for the better, even just a little bit, and thus the participation in this endeavor is an “award” in itself for all of us!

We always state that we all live by the sea. No matter how far from the sea you live, next to the beach or far away in the mountains, we still have a great impact on it. And it is up to us whether we create a positive relationship with the sea or have adverse impact on it.

We believe that educating people about the importance and the beauty of marine environments is the key to creating positive attitudes towards the sea. Therefore, as every year, we very much welcome also submissions which do not directly picture the sea or are made at the beach, but present peoples’ thoughts regarding their relation to the sea in an artistic form from wherever they are.

This year, the top photos together with information about top films and best stories will be presented in the Zoo Rostock, Germany. You will be able to see the exhibition from July 10 for 3 weeks.

Our Contest is an official partner of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

On 20 May, during the European Maritime Day in Ravenna 2022, the Director General of DG MARE of the European Commission has awarded the I live by the Sea Contest with a: “Main EU4Ocean coalition award – Sky Blue” for significant achievement in bringing forward ocean literacy in Europe, its efforts and initiatives in translating the spirit and principles of the EU4Ocean coalition, while mobilizing diverse community.

More information:
Featured Image:
One of the winning photos by Aleksandra Stoińska, age 15. Poland 2019.

Photo Title” “You are the difference”.