Events worldwide marking World Oceans Day. 
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Remote sensing and marine pollution


Remote sensing observation tools are utilised for the objective of enabling the features of the detection of the marine pollution in the oceans. This leads to the objective of enabling the knowledge building and knowledge enabling mechanisms...

Seaweed Around The Clock

Virtual Around the World

WHAT IS SEAWEED AROUND THE CLOCK Since 2008, BioMarine pioneered the emergence of the blue biotechnology industry, acting as a catalyst for innovative and emerging blue industries across the world. More specifically, BioMarine has developed...



Funun arts group will organize an event merging world environment day & world ocean day with the motive of spreading awareness on sustainability/ environmental balance and social responsibilities. As art is the best way to express and art...

World Oceans Week with The Explorers Club

Virtual and in-person

From June 5-11, The Explorers Club will be hosting the 6th Annual World Oceans Week.  Visit the website for details:

Life Below Water Exhibition

Murky Waters Studio

Life Below Water is a group exhibition from 5 June – 26 June that was developed by Jo Stacey and Michael Pope, that explores how North Queensland artists interpret and respond to the ocean and Great Barrier Reef as a source of artistic...

World Ocean Day 2022 Competition


Blue Penguin is Partnering with Education Perfect to raise awareness of Ocean Conservation in Aus+NZ through educational content and a competition that will launch on World Ocean Day and run for one week from 6th June – 12th June.

Descubriendo la biodiversidad de los océanos

Centre Cívic Can Deu (Barcelona)

[ESP] ¿Sabías que la mayor parte de la vida del planeta se encuentra en los océanos? ¿Y qué en las profundidades del océano existe una medusa capaz de vivir eternamente? En esta charla descubriremos curiosidades sobre los océanos y los...

Blue Heritage: The Role of Ocean Art and Culture in Ocean Science and Management


More attention needs to be given to the human-cultural dimension of the ocean and its use. Recognising the role of ocean cultures and heritage in contributing to sustainable ocean governance, this event will discuss key messages in a forthcoming...

World Oceans Day People of the Sea Global Clean Up


Join us for the 3rd annual  People of the Sea Global Clean Up. Wherever you may be – a dock, beach, forest, river, town or city, everywhere leads to the ocean and we’re all #peopleofthesea  Share this graphic to help spread...

Projection du film « Rahui pour la biodiversité »

CIM- La Corderie Royale, Rochefort

Le mercredi 8 juin à 18h30 au CIM- La Corderie Royale, Projection du film « Rahui pour la biodiversité » réalisé par Mélissa Constantinovitch. (durée: 26 minutes)

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Events worldwide marking World Oceans Day. Add your event and join the global community celebrating the ocean.

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