Events worldwide marking World Oceans Day. 
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Océano de Recuerdos : Photography contest


Now, passed the Covid19 pandemic 1-year mark, lockdowns, telework, isolation and much more … What do Spanish* residents miss the most, connected to the maritime environment? To help you express yourself, our Photography contest seeks to...

World Oceans Day Art Gallery 2021


World Oceans Day 2021 Art Gallery ~ spearheaded by high-school student, Sophie Goldstein.

Cherish, Protect, and Restore: June Action Asks


June is World Oceans Month! We drew our inspiration for this month’s CPR theme from World Oceans Day, celebrated on June 8th. The ocean is a crucial part of our ecosystem. It produces more than half of the oxygen we breath and absorbs large...

Coralpalooza™ 2021

Key Largo, FL

Coralpalooza™ is Coral Restoration Foundation’s celebration of World Oceans Day, where an army of ocean lovers join us underwater in supporting the reefs of the Florida Keys. The largest marine conservation organization focused on coral...

Coralpalooza™ 2021


On World Oceans Day, Coral Restoration Foundation™ celebrates by bringing together ocean lovers of all ages, experience and locales! Join us virtually on June 6th, 2021 to learn all about coral reefs, why we care about them and how you can...

The Digital Twin Ocean


The Ocean Data Alliance believes in a Digital Twin Ocean that illuminates what’s going on above, on, and below the surface of the ocean, in the chemistry, biology, and physics of the water and the marine life that lives in it – for...

One Ocean Film Tour

Virtual & In Cinemas

The One Ocean Tour 20201 is a world-class series of ocean-loving films focused on adventure, the aquatic environment and inspirational stories. This year’s tour features 7 short films including ocean conservation, surfing, diving, exploration...

Sea Watcher 2 – Maskuary

Achieving a plastic-free ocean for Limbe, Cameroon

Limbe Coastline

ORGANIZATION ACHIEVEMENT ON COASTAL CLEANUP At ASCOA, we are committed to protecting our oceans. Our environmental protection projects have raised awareness about plastic pollution in Cameroon’s South West region. ASCOA’s coastal cleanup...

Making the Coast of Accra a Protected Area2021


Making the Coast of Accra a Protected Area2021 Preamble What Did UNEA-4 Do for the Environment? And… How do we translate the 2019 United Nation Environment Assembly resolution 11 into reality in Accra- Ghana? UNEP/EA.4/Res.11 Protection of...

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Events worldwide marking World Oceans Day. Add your event and join the global community celebrating the ocean.

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