EGYPT – NILE RIVER CLEAN UP -Blue Dream Project & Quantyco Journeys.

EGYPT – NILE RIVER CLEAN UP. Blue Dream Project: Natalia Andrea, Enedina Gonzalez, Francesca Larrain, Quantyco Journeys .

While on an expedition down the Nile River via sailboat, Francesca noticed lush, green shorelines littered with plastic pollution, the team decided to take action. The sailboat captain docked along the shoreline near a local village and the team unpacked a few empty garbage bags and gloves and began cleaning the shoreline. Soon after, local villagers joined in the efforts uniting a community keen on environmental conservation. Instead of contributing to the effects of environmental degradation from tourism, we must help mitigate our environmental social footprint by cleaning up our surroundings, educating locals on sustainability, and volunteering for local causes.

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