Future of Our Oceans: UNWOD22

In honor of United Nations WOD,I organized “Future of Our Oceans” webinar on behalf of my organization ‘Overturned Oceans’. In this webinar we had founders of marine projects such as the Open mind Projects, Ocean Conservation Research, and CPS give their presentations on their organizations.

Overall we had an audience of 200+ people watching our webinar. The audiences were given an opportunity to learn about bioacoustics and its affects, the journey of the #CoastlineRunner, and the creation of the Open mind projects which tackle social and environmental issues.

All of the information provided can be seen in the attached webinar recording!

Big thanks to our esteemed speakers Mr. Michael Stocker, Sven Mauleon, Gaweechat Joompaula, and Luke Douglas for making this event possible!

To view this video, click here.

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