Ocean Decade Creative Exhibition

Welcome to the Ocean Decade Exhibition – the result of the global creative community mobilizing to help transform the image of the ocean science and conservation, raise awareness of the importance of the ocean, and inspire support for action, during this pivotal decade.

Many of the artists have very generously made their work available for free so you can download and create your own exhibitions, in schools, libraries, businesses, social media (or just about anywhere else for that matter). Whether you showcase just one artwork, or them all, it’s completely up to you. All we ask is that you credit the artist and share what you do using #CreateWaves to inspire others to do likewise.

Visit the Virtual Exhibit here!


Creative Art

Feeling creative? You can help inspire change by taking part in the creative challenge with the chance of having your work showcased on a global stage.

Note: All artworks are freely available to download and display to support the Ocean Decade.

Visit the Virtual Exhibit here!

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