Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean by SeaWorthy Collective

Seaworthy Collective is the leading community of sea change makers driving regenerative ocean and climate impact with  our non-profit social impact arm, Seaworthy Foundation, and our for profit economic impact arm, Seaworthy Ventures. Seaworthy Foundation builds community and inclusion for ocean and climate impact innovation through accessible education and empowerment. Seaworthy Ventures Opportunities for Sea Change attracts current and aspiring founders to apply for our inaugural venture studio in six key verticals:

-CO2, GHG Removal, Sequestration, & Decarbonization

-Seawater as a Resource – Coastal Resilience

– Regenerative Ocean Food Sources

– Plastics & Pollution Detection, Removal, & Alternatives

– Ocean Data, Technology & Emerging Innovations

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